Some helpful tips

Q. What happens if I accidentally hit my ball with a practice swing? 

A. If the ball is on the tee there is no penalty. If it is on the green there is no penalty but the ball must be replaced to the original position. If it happens anywhere else on the course there is a ONE stroke penalty AND the ball must be replaced to its original position. 

Q. What is the rule if my ball goes out-of-bounds (past the white markers on the course)?

A. You must play another shot from where you hit the ball with a one-shot penalty. It is not allowed to drop a ball from where you think it went out of bounds. (The rules of golf were changed in 2020 to allow a local rule where a player could drop a ball from where it went out-of-bounds with a 2-shot penalty. However this rule has not yet been implemented at Golf de Barthe because the rule requires the player to see exactly where the ball went out-of-bounds. On most holes at Golf de Barthe where this rule might apply this is not possible). 

Q. What is the rule if my ball goes into a bush or pampass grass? 

A. It depends if you can locate your ball. If you cannot find your ball it is ‘lost’ and so you must return to where you hit the original ball and drop another with a one-shot penalty. You cannot drop a ball near to where you think it went into the bush. However, if you can see your ball but you cannot play it then you have three choices. 1. Return to where you played your last shot with a one-shot penalty. 2. Drop a ball anywhere on the line between where your ball has come to rest and the flag but no nearer the hole, also for a one-shot penalty. 3. Drop a ball within two-club lengths of where your ball was found but no nearer to the hole and with a one-shot penalty.