The Course

Welcome to this beautiful site nestled in the spectacular rural French countryside, the course is adorned with ponds, lakes, woods and wonderful nature giving the players a very relaxing and peaceful experience.

The maintenance, carried out by owner Michael and his team ensures that challenging fairways, penalising roughs and quality greens all make up the unique character of this course. Any wayward shots or inaccurate approaches will be costly!

To be successful on this course you will need to be a consistent and accurate golfer.

Hole n°1

PAR 4 / 309m

Aim to clear the large tree in the centre of the fairway, be careful of the out of bounds to the right. your approach to the green will need to be precise as there is out of bounds 5m beyond the green.

Hole n°2

PAR 4 / 342m

Dogleg to the left. Ideal ball placing is to the right of the fairway but beware there is an out of bounds to the right. A complex approach shot, over clubbing will be penal.

Hole n°3

PAR 5 / 439m

Dogleg to the right be aware of the out of bounds also to the right. There may be an eagle opportunity for long players but be aware of the narrow fairway and difficult approach to the green.

Hole n°4

PAR 4 / 332m

You will need to place your ball in the centre of the fairway, be aware there are trees on the left and water to the right. For your approach the green is surrounded by hazards.

Hole n°5

PAR 4 / 326m

Sharp dogleg to the right, you will be teeing off from the woods. be careful of your club selection. For your approach shot be aware the green slopes away steeply on the left side.

Hole n°6

PAR 3 / 160m

A challenging Par 3. If your ball is to the right you will have a tricky chip, if to the left it will kick into the rough. Accuracy is key!

Hole n°7

PAR 5 / 465m

Long dogleg to the right be aware of your drive as there are water hazards. This is a challenging hole where your approach to the green is very important. If your approach is above the hole a challenging putt will ensue. This hole is unforgiving.

Hole n°8

PAR 3 / 149m

Be aware of over clubbing as your return shot will be challenging. Approach shots placed below the hole are recommended due to the sloping green.

Hole n°9

PAR 4 / 300m

be aware of out of bounds to The right and drainage ditch at 240m. Long hitters can clear otherwise lay up. Attention 2 bunkers protecting the green.

This is an interesting and well designed course, set in the beautiful rural French countryside. To be successful on this technical course you will need to keep your wits about you. Your trials and tribulations will be rewarded with a warm welcome by the clubhouse team where you can celebrate the shot of the day or drown your sorrows with a well-deserved glass.